Flirting with class ideologies, Daley, a working class boy
from Liverpool, reinterprets the realm of British elitism via the institution of the British public school. «I think it’s interesting, you know.. looking at codes, which historically belong to Harrow School for example, and figuring out their equivalents of the school culture I’m more familiar with.»

Stokey-Daley quickly became enraptured with the world of regatta races, flowery traditionalism and decadent English aristocracy. «I came across images of a regatta and I had never seen anything like it before… There is something inherently feminine about that hyper-masculine culture.” Amongst a range of referential films, theatrical practitioners and 18th century portraiture, Daley remains influenced by British cult classics: Maurice, Another Country and Brideshead Revisited. Daley questions the structural nature of British heritage and systematic elitism through the lens of ‘homosocial’ theory.

S.S.DALEY won the LVMH Prize for young designers in
2022, and shortly after was awarded the British Fashion
Council Foundation Award for Best Emerging designer.